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Data Protection System Source offers data protection solutions for various recovery time (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO)
Below you'll find information about our replication, backup, and archive services. For more information kindly contact the Sales Team at needmoreinfo@syssrc.com or 410.771.5544 to discuss your data protection needs in person.
Menu of Services
  • Warm Site:
    Replicate to the System Source data center or Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure for short RTOs in the event of a disaster. Learn more about our Disaster Recovery + Veeam replication and custom AWS, Azure solutions.
  • Backup:
    Server backups provide a longer retention period than replication. Learn more about using Barracuda, Data Domain and integrated AWS, Azure systems.

    Learn more about how workstation backups reduce risk of lost productivity and data stored on user machines.
  • Archive:
    Long term archival solutions meeting your retention and compliance needs. Learn more about using Barracuda and integrated AWS, Azure solutions.
System Source Benefits
System Source understands the value of your data and the importance of protecting it using:
  • Needs and gap analysis
  • Flexible solutions for your RPO/RTO requirements
  • Scalable storage
  • Agents for email, SQL and open files
  • On and offsite locations