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Internet Access The Internet can be a confusing place to navigate. That's why System Source is the best choice for getting you connected. We make it easier for you to understand your options. We examine your business needs and our experts take the time to make sure you know what's the best option for you.
How you connect your business to the Internet is an important choice. If you have more questions please contact the Internet Sales Team at 410.771.5544 to discuss your internet connection options in person.

Consider these questions when selecting an Internet connection:
  • What is bandwidth?
  • How much bandwidth do I need?
  • Which technology is right for me?
  • Should I have a back-up connection?
  • What are my Internet connection options and costs?

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth, often referred to as speed, is measured by the amount of data that can be transmitted over a line in bits per second (bps). If you think of bandwidth as a highway, the cars on the highway represent the amount of data able to travel through your connection at any given point. A four lane highway would allow more cars to travel on it per second than a single-lane road. The same holds true for the Internet. The bigger the highway, the more data can travel through it.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Many things affect the speed of your interactions over the Internet, including the connection from your location to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your ISP's connection to the Internet backbone, the speed and connection of sites you visit and general Internet traffic. The only elements you can control are your connection and the selection of a good ISP. Although your experience is influenced by the computer you use to access the Internet (older computers are typically slower), your bandwidth connecting you to your ISP has a major impact.

The amount of bandwidth
you need is a function of:

  • The number of simultaneous users on your network
  • The amount of time and patience you have
  • How much data you (and other users on your network) are moving over the connection.

If you are accessing the Internet for the following, you will need more bandwidth than the average user:

  • Sending large files, especially pictures or graphics
  • Sending and receiving large quantities of email or email with files attached
  • Viewing multimedia pages, such as those using Flash, streaming audio and video, or online meetings (such as NetMeeting)

If you aren't sure how much bandwidth you need, call the Internet Sales Team at 410.771.5544.

Should I have a back-up connection?

If your Internet connection is critical to your business, we always recommend you install a backup service. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that you always have an alternative Internet connection available. System Source’s experts will consult with you to identify which are the best back-up options for your business. Call the Internet Services Sales Team at 410.771.5544 to discuss your mission critical needs.