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Business Intelligence (BI) Jump Start Goal: This jump start prepares you to create BI based on your organization's needs and data sources.
Step 1 – Initial Consultation: The SQL Surgeon, a System Source partner, will visit to understand your business needs and:
  • Discuss your goals for a BI solution (i.e. executive dashboard, financial dashboard, scorecard)
  • Discuss your data sources, hygiene and accessibility
  • Identify current pains
  • Explore past or current BI projects
  • Whiteboard organizational, environment, data workflow, data sources and data quality issues
  • Define how to visualize the data
  • Discuss skills needed to build and support BI
  • Discuss data analysis tools and technologies

Step 2 – Diagnosis: A written Action Plan prescribing the appropriate BI tool and associated training including these recommendations and deliverables:

  • Conceptual diagram of the overall data analysis project
  • Conceptual diagram of the business data workflow
  • Data source
  • Data quality
  • Data technology
  • Data tools
  • Roles
  • Skills development

Step 3 – Treatment Plan: After attending one of the System Source instructor led courses prescribed from the list below, begin dashboard development using your Action Plan as a guide.

Fee: $2850

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