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MEEC/USM System Source has been contracted to provide Audio Visual Equipment as indicated below to participating members of the Maryland Educational Enterprise Consortium (MEEC) and the University System of Maryland (USM), on an as needed, as ordered, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity basis, per the specifications, basis of pricing, terms and conditions of RFP TU-1350, the Groups and Brands indicated on Attachment A., and Contractor's proposal.
In this contract, the term Institution means an entity participating in the MEEC Consortium. In this Contract the term University means Towson University. Towson University may also be regarded as a participating Institution with regard to ordering, delivery, payment, and other rights and obligations under this Contract.
How to purchase

Purchase orders (and/or in some cases bilateral contracts) will be issued by participating Institutions on an as needed basis. Such purchase orders or contracts will be for delivery of specific quantities at specific prices. The Contractor will provide quotes that include, at a minimum, the description, quantity, list price, discount percent from list price, and the discounted price for each item ordered. Each Institution will be responsible for payment resulting from purchase orders or contracts issued by the Institution.

The Contractor is hereby notified that no goods should be shipped until the Contractor has received a bona fide order from a participating institution.

The Contractor's web based ordering site:
Simply select "Shop Online" in the upper right hand side of the web page.

Sales assistance and telephone orders:
Inside Sales: Bill Seamans
e-mail: Presentation-Sales@syssrc.com or bseamans@syssrc.com

telephone: 410-771-5544 choose Option 7 or extension 4381

Items offered by System Source include the following categories:

Category 1 – Audio Equipment
Microphones, Speakers, Amplifiers, Sound Systems, Racks-Multimedia, Antennas, Assisted Listening Devices, Audio Cassette Players/Recorders, CD Players/Recorders
1Chief Manufacturing41.0%
1Middle Atlantic28.0%

Category 2 – Presentation Equipment, and/or
Category 2a - Supplies/Accessories
Multimedia Control Systems, Easels, Screens-Projection, Whiteboards-Electronic, Copy & Marker Boards, Bulletin Boards, Carts-A/V & Stands, AV Stage/Event Lighting, Presentation & Training Aids, Laser Pointers, Lecterns/Podiums, Power Point Advancers & Teaching Stations
2Chief Manufacturing41.0%
2Da-Lite (electric ceiling screens)46.0%
2Da-Lite (electric wall screens)35.0%
2Da-Lite (manual screens)46.0%
2Da-Lite (mounting hardware)46.0%
2Epson Brighter Futures - accessories22.0%
2Epson Brightlink Projectors8.0%
2Epson Document Cameras9.0%
2Epson Projector Lenses14.0%
2Epson Projectors - Brighter Futures Program (over $1200)13.0%
2Epson Projectors - Brighter Futures Program (under $1200)8.0%
2aLifesize - Hardware - LifeSize Endpoint - Icon 720p w/10x Camera (part # 1000-0000-1158)40.0%
2aLifesize - Hardware - LifeSize Endpoint - Icon 720p w/4x Camera (part# 1000-0000-1162)35.0%
2aLifesize - Hardware - LifeSize Endpoints- Unity 50, 220 & Icons w/1080p & Dual Display51.0%
2aLifesize - Assurance (Maintenance Agreements)8.0%
2aLifesize - Hardware - LifeSize Infrastructure - UVC Platform, ClearSea & Bridge 220051.0%
2Marshall Furniture38.0%
2Middle Atlantic28.0%
2aPolycom - Hardware - Codec33.0%
2aPolycom - Hardware - Infrastructure33.0%
2aPolycom - Licenses13.0%
2aPolycom - Maintenance (Premier, Premier On-site, Advanced Access & Advanced Access On-site)3.0%
2aPolycom - Maintenance (total coverage)17.0%
2aPolycom - Software19.0%

Category 3 – Projector Data/Video, and/or Category 3a - Supplies/Accessories
Home Theater, Blu-Ray Players/ Recorders, DVD Players/Recorders, Projectors, Projector Cases/Bulbs, & Document Cameras
3, 3aChief Manufacturing41.0%
3, 3aEpson Brighter Futures - Accessories (lamps, etc.)22.0%
3Epson Brighter Futures Brightlink Projectors8.0%
3Epson Brighter Futures Document Cameras9.0%
3, 3aEpson Brighter Futures Projector Lenses14.0%
3Epson Projectors - Brighter Futures Program (over $1200)13.0%
3Epson Projectors - Brighter Futures Program (under $1200)8.0%
3aMiddle Atlantic28.0%
3NEC - Projector (over $1200)38.0%
3NEC - Projector (under $1200)2.0%
3Sharp Projector (over $1200)41.0%
3Sharp Projector (under $1200)45.0%

Category 4 – Monitors
A/V, DVD, TV/DVD Combo, LCD, Plasma, Sympodium Writing Tablet, TV Monitors and Television. All monitors must be flat panels, LCD LED or Plasma TVs

Category 5 – Media Recording/Playback Products, and/or Category 5a - Supplies/Accessories
Tapes - Audio & Video, Analog & Digital, Optical Media, Hard Drive Devices, SD/HD Memory Cards-CDs, DVDs
5, 5aLifesize - Hardware51.0%
5aLifesize - Software51.0%
5, 5aPolycom - Hardware33.0%
5Tightrope Carousel (Hardware)13.0%
5Tightrope Carousel (Maintenance - Gold)19.0%
5Tightrope Carousel (Maintenance - Silver)19.0%
5Tightrope Carousel (Maintenance - Software License)13.0%
5Tightrope Carousel (On-site Installation - Training)13.0%
5Tightrope Carousel (Support)13.0%

Category 6 – Photography Equipment
Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Camera Support Equipment, Document Camera, Camera Digital Still, Camera Lenses, Still Digital Cameras; Tripods; Monopods, Lighting
6Epson Brighter Futures Document Camera9.0%

Category 7 – Videoconferencing Equipment, and/or Category 7a - Supplies/Accessories
Web-Casting & Capturing Equipment, Audio Conferencing Equipment (Phones)
7aLifesize - Hardware29.0%
7Lifesize Assurance- LAMS One Year (Maintenance)8.0%
7Lifesize Endpoint - Icon 720p w/4x Camera (part# 1000-0000-1162)35.0%
7Lifesize Endpoint- Icon 720p w/1Ox Camera (part# 1000-0000-1158)40.0%
7Lifesize Endpoints - Unity 50, 220 & Icons w/1080p & Dual Display51.0%
7LifeSize Infrastructure- UVC Platform, ClearSea & BridQe 220051.0%
7Polycom - Licenses13.0%
7Polycom - Hardware - Codec33.0%
7Polycom - Hardware - Infrastructure33.0%
7aPolycom - Hardware Accessories13.0%
7Polycom - Maintenance (Premier, Premier On-site, Advanced Access & Advanced Access On-site)3.0%
7Polycom - Maintenance Agreements0.0%
7Polycom - Software19.0%
7Polycom- Maintenance (Total Coverage)17.0%

Category 8 – Cables

Category 9 – Locking And Security Devices
9Middle Atlantic28.0%
This Contract, including all Contract Documents, constitutes the entire agreement between the University and System Source. No waiver, modification or amendment of any of the terms or conditions hereof shall be effective unless set forth in writing and duly signed by System Source and the University.