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Developing Applications in C# (Intermediate C#) | Design, Classes, Generics, Threading, Database, Entity Framework, UI & More

SS Course: 9000483

Course Overview


Intermediate C# / .Net Core Programming is a five-day lab-intensive program that enhances your basic knowledge with advanced constructs and industry best practices. Proficiency in C# is imperative for creating scalable, robust applications. This course enables you to refine your skills, using the latest C# features to develop high-quality software solutions. From employing raw literals for cleaner code to applying tuples for improved data structures, and managing resources effectively for globalized applications, the course is designed to strengthen your programming foundation for immediate application in a multitude of projects.

The curriculum is crafted to ensure a balanced mix of theoretical and practical learning, with 50% of the course dedicated to hands-on labs, mirroring real-world challenges. You will enhance your understanding of design patterns and SOLID principles, creating code that's as resilient as it is reliable. Engage in test-driven development with XUnit, and master generics to optimize your coding efforts. With an industry-expert instructor guiding you through each topic, you’ll gain invaluable insights into effective problem-solving and practical application of your new skills.

You’ll exit the course equipped with a solid understanding of intermediate C# principles, ready to be applied to your role professional work. You'll emerge with the capability to write more maintainable, efficient, and scalable code, seamlessly integrating advanced C# features into your daily development tasks.


Scheduled Classes

07/15/24 - TTV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)
08/26/24 - TTV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)
10/07/24 - TTV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)
12/02/24 - TTV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn


Our engaging instructors and mentors are highly experienced practitioners who bring years of current "on-the-job" experience into every classroom.

Working in a hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will explore:

  • Proficient Use of Advanced C# Constructs: You’ll be able to integrate advanced C# features such as type specifiers, raw literals, and top-level statements into your daily coding practices to write more concise and readable code.
  • Application of Design Patterns and SOLID Principles: You’ll gain the ability to apply common design patterns and adhere to SOLID principles to create well-structured, maintainable, and scalable code that aligns with professional standards.
  • Development of Robust Classes and Exception Handling: You’ll develop robust classes utilizing properties, functions, delegates, and events, and will be adept at implementing comprehensive exception handling to ensure the resilience of your applications.
  • Test-Driven Development with XUnit: You’ll learn to employ test-driven development methodologies, utilizing XUnit for creating and managing unit tests, ensuring the reliability and functionality of your code before deployment.
  • Effective Implementation of Generics and LINQ: You’ll learn to effectively use generics to minimize code redundancy and apply LINQ for sophisticated data querying and manipulation, leading to more efficient and powerful data handling within your applications.
  • Concurrency and Asynchronous Programming: You’ll master the concepts of threads, tasks, and the async/await pattern, enabling you to write asynchronous C# code that improves the performance and responsiveness of your applications.


Viewing outline for:



Take Before: Students should have incoming practical skills aligned with those in the course(s) below, or should have attended the following course(s) as a pre-requisite:

Programming in C# | Creating Apps in C# and .Net Core (20483)

    Who Should Attend


    This is an intermediate level .Net programming course, designed for experienced C# developers. This course is NOT for new developers, developers new to C#, or those without a programming background.

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