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Microsoft Power Apps: Building Low-Code Business Apps

SS Course: 3000724

Course Overview


Creating custom applications for specific business processes has evolved from an emerging trend to a standard practice in many organizations. In the past, if employees had an idea for automating or streamlining a business process, they often had to request that IT resources build the application. Today, it is much more common for employees themselves to become what is sometimes called "citizen developers," who are people with business knowledge who can use app-building tools to create custom business apps. This course introduces building low-code/no-code apps with Microsoft® Power Apps®.


Most out-of-the-box solutions do not meet exact business needs or integrate well with existing business apps. Power Apps eases users into app development with templates, automated app-building tools, and a streamlined programming language to enable any business user to create a custom app.


Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn


In this course, you will use Microsoft Power Apps to build and deploy low-code business apps. You will:

  • Determine how Microsoft Power Apps can meet your business needs.
  • Plan and design apps.
  • Build canvas apps.
  • Build model-driven apps.
  • Test and deploy apps.


Viewing outline for:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Power Apps

Topic A: Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform

Topic B: Introduction to Power Apps

Topic C: Select App Types to Address Business Needs

Lesson 2: Planning and Designing Apps

Topic A: Plan Apps

Topic B: Design Apps

Lesson 3: Building Canvas Apps

Topic A: Create an App from a Blank Canvas

Topic B: Create an App from a Template

Lesson 4: Building Model-Driven Apps

Topic A: Create Model-Driven Apps

Topic B: Add Visualizations and Reports

Lesson 5: Testing and Deploying Apps

Topic A: Make Apps Available to Other Users

Topic B: Test Apps

Topic C: Revise Apps



To ensure your success in this course, you should have Windows end-user skills and experience with using Microsoft 365 apps, including Word and Excel®. You should also have in-depth knowledge of the organizational business processes for which you intend to build apps.


You could obtain some of these skills by taking the following Logical Operations courses:

  • Using Microsoft® Windows® 10 (Second Edition) or Using Microsoft® Windows® 11
  • Microsoft® Excel for Office 365™ (Desktop or Online): Part 1 or Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 1
  • Microsoft® Excel for Office 365™ (Desktop or Online): Part 2 or Microsoft® Office Excel® 2019: Part 2

    Who Should Attend


    This course is designed for skilled users of Microsoft Windows® and Office who do not have prior coding or programming experience and who are interested in creating custom business apps quickly and without writing application code.

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