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ChatGPT: AI for Everyone

SS Course: 3000722

Course Overview


ChatGPT explained for everyone - A structured approach to learn prompt engineering No technical skills needed 

This is a demonstration style webinar and Q&A Session only, no software/files required.


Scheduled Classes

03/05/24 - VIR - Virtual Online Training - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
04/15/24 - VIR - Virtual Online Training - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
05/24/24 - VIR - Virtual Online Training - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the basic Definitions and Key Concepts related to AI models
  • Understand what Prompt Engineering is and why it is a necessary skill to develop
  • Discover the Guiding Principles in Human-AI collaboration
  • Explore 260 ChatGPT prompts that you can immediately start using to increase your productivity
  • Learn about Multi-Lingual and Multi-Modal AI systems
  • Understand the Basics and learn how to create simple prompts with ChatGPT and GPT-4
  • Discover AI Guided Iterations and other Advanced Prompt Engineering techniques
  • Understand Role Prompting and Nested Prompting
  • Learn how to apply Chain-Of-Thought methods to solve complex problems
  • Understand and use the non-deterministic nature of a generative AI system
  • Understand "Chaos Prompting" and its benefits for creative content generation
  • Understand how AI can assist in Software Development tasks
  • Learn how to use "Prompt Compression" techniques
  • Solve problems using Fishbone and SWOT analysis
  • Create diagrams and other visual representations from chatGPT
  • Discover how to use AI in various job roles with practical case studies
  • Use case: ChatGPT for Automating Emails and Social Media Posts
  • Use case: ChatGPT for Writing Blogs, Articles, and Reports
  • Use case: ChatGPT for Task Delegation and Project Management
  • Use case: ChatGPT for AI-driven personalization in Retail & E-commerce
  • Use case: ChatGPT for Research and Information Curation
  • Use case: ChatGPT for Creative Writing and Brainstorming
  • Use case: ChatGPT for Task Management and Decision Making
  • Use case: ChatGPT for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning
  • Use case: ChatGPT for AI-Assisted Proofreading and Writing


Viewing outline for:
  • Introduction to Prompt Engineering
  • Basics of Prompt Engineering
  • Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques
  • Prompt Engineering Use Cases in Everyday Tasks
  • Ethics and Considerations in Prompt Engineering
  • Bonus Takeaways



    Who Should Attend

    Anyone interested in exploring the benefits of adding ChatGPT to their work.

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