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OneNote - The Ultimate Note Taking Tool: MegaBytes

SS Course: 3000650

Course Overview


During this two-hour live hands-on training, our top-rated instructor will teach the benefits and features of this free-form, information gathering and multi-user collaborative Microsoft application. OneNote does more than your spiral notebook by allowing notes, drawings, screen clippings, audio commentaries and more live on the same page. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network. It is basically an online notebook. Students are encouraged to ask questions during this interactive hands-on session.


Scheduled Classes

07/11/24 - HC1 - Virtual Instructor-Led - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
09/09/24 - HC2 - Virtual Instructor-Led - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
11/13/24 - HC3 - Virtual Instructor-Led - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn


During this live demonstration you will learn to:

  • Navigate the Screen
  • Create Notebooks, Tabs & Pages
  • Insert Text, Pictures, Videos, Audio & Screen clips
  • Work with Tags
  • Integrate OneNote files with Outlook & Office Apps
  • Search in OneNote
  • Format Text & the View
  • Share OneNote Information
  • View Versions & History
  • Create & Use Password Protect & Locking the Screen
  • Use the phone app
  • Work with Quick Notes


Viewing outline for:
  • Overview of the Screen
  • Creating Notebooks, Tabs & Pages
  • Inserting Text, Pictures, Videos, Audio & Screen clips
  • Working with Tags
    • Creating
    • Searching
  • Searching in OneNote
    • Can search text within images
  • Integrating with Outlook & Office Apps
    • Working with Tasks
    • Meeting Details
    • Importing from Word, Excel & PPT (File/Print/OneNote)
  • Formatting Text & the View
  • Sharing OneNote Information
    • Share a Notebook
    • Email a Page
    • File - Export - e.g. pdf
  • Versions & History
  • Password Protect & Locking the Screen
  • Using the phone app
  • Prerequisites


      Who Should Attend


      Students who wish to gain a basic understanding of using the OneNote application for digital note-taking and collaboration, including inserting images and embedding files.

      Next Step Courses


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