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Microsoft 365 for the Web with Teams

SS Course: 3000639

Course Overview

Using the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity apps, users can easily communicate and collaborate together through Microsoft Outlook mail and Teams messaging and meeting functionality. Additionally, the Microsoft SharePoint team site provides a central storage location for accessing and modifying shared documents. This course introduces working with shared documents in the familiar Microsoft 365 web apps - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel - as an alternative to installing the Microsoft Office desktop applications.                                                                  

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What You'll Learn

You will:
  • Sign in, navigate, and identify components of the Microsoft 365 environment.
  • Create, edit, and share documents with team members using the Office web apps, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business.
  • Collaborate and work with colleagues using productivity apps included with Microsoft 365.
  • Use email and manage contacts with Outlook on the Web.
  • Collaborate using Teams.
  • Configure Teams.
  • Outline

    Viewing outline for:

    Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft 365

    Topic A: Sign In to Microsoft 365

    Topic B: Navigate the Microsoft 365 Environment


    Lesson 2: Collaborating with Shared Files

    Topic A: Work with Shared Documents in SharePoint

    Topic B: Edit Documents in Office Online

    Topic C: Collaborate on the SharePoint Site

    Topic D: Work with OneDrive for Business

    Topic E: Find Shared Resources


    Lesson 3: Using Productivity Apps

    Topic A: Work with Productivity Apps in Combination

    Topic B: Broadcast Messages with Yammer


    Lesson 4: Using Outlook on the Web

    Topic A: Send and Receive Email

    Topic B: Manage Contacts

    Topic C: Schedule Appointments

    Topic D: Personalize Outlook on the Web


    Lesson 5: Collaborating with Teams

    Topic A: Overview of Microsoft Teams

    Topic B: Converse and Share in Teams

    Topic C: Call and Meet in Teams

    Topic D: Collaborate with Microsoft 365 Apps and Teams


    Lesson 6: Configuring Teams

    Topic A: Configure Teams

    Topic B: Configure Channels

    Topic C: Configure Tabs


    Appendix A: Interacting with Mobile Devices


    To ensure your success, you will need to be familiar with the Windows operating system and a web browser. You also need competence in using the locally installed version of Microsoft Outlook for sending email and interacting with calendar events, and should be familiar with at least one of the primary applications in the Microsoft Office suite (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel).

      Who Should Attend

      This course is intended for business users and knowledge workers in a variety of roles and fields who have competence in a desktop-based installation of Microsoft Office, and who are now extending Microsoft Office to a collaborative cloud-based Microsoft 365 environment.

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