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Google Analytics & SEO for Government

SS Course: 3000380

Course Overview


In this hands-on, two-day Google Analytics & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Government training course, you will learn the essential skills needed to get started with Google Analytics and SEO. Google Analytics is the most popular service on the web for tracking and reporting website traffic. This Google Analytics and SEO training course will cover how to set up, manage, and effectively utilize Google Analytics, and learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics including learning about content strategy and content marketing, and how the Google search engine discovers, indexes, and ranks web content. You will get to develop keyword topics and use keyword tools to create keywords for your target market, create content for search engines, perform semantic search, learn how to personalize search, develop a blogging strategy for content marketing, and more. In Google Analytics, you will get to use the tools starting with learning the audience overview and demographics, seeing website traffic, and looking at reports, sources, referrals, campaigns, behaviors, and many others. This search engine marketing training course will allow you to use Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization together, in order to create effective search engine marketing for your organization.


Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn


Track Website Traffic
Report on Website User Data and Conversions
Measure Your Organization’s Reach Online
Understand Where Your Site Needs Improvement for Users 


Viewing outline for:

1. SEO Optimization Basics
Content Strategy/Content Marketing
What is SEO?
How Search Engine discover, index and rank web content
Benefits of SEO

2. Getting Started
Discover the keyword topics & tools for your target market
Google’s content guidelines
Create content for your prospects and search engines
On page SEO
Semantic search
Using personalization of search
Develop a blogging strategy for your content marketing

3. Google Analytics
Audience Overview
Users Flow
Acquisition Overview
All Traffic
Tracking Social Media Overview
Network Referrals
Landing Pages
Organic Keywords
Behavior Flow
Site content
Content Drilldown
Exit Pages
Site speed
Site search
Search terms
Search Pages
Custom reports
Emailing/Exporting Google Analytics Data
Setting Date Ranges
Comparing Time Periods



Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications, files, as well as navigate to other folders. It is highly recommended that you bring your login credentials for your organization’s Google Analytics account, or your personal Google Analytics account to training (Read and Analyze Access is acceptable), in order to make this course the most effective for you. This will allow you to implement what you learn immediately after the course.

    Who Should Attend


    Marketing & Communications Professionals
    Web Analysts
    Digital Advertisers
    Website Developers
    Content Strategists
    User Experience Designers
    Visual Information Specialists

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