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JavaScript & jQuery Intro

SS Course: 3000235

Course Overview

This JavaScript and jQuery introductory training course will teach students how to add increased functionality to HTML web pages using the programming language, JavaScript, and the jQuery library of prewritten JavaScript code. This training class will get you started by teaching all the essential aspects of using JavaScript with jQuery: Storing Information in Variables, Conditional Statement, Dialog Boxes, Now Were Iterating! Loops in JavaScript, Coding JavaScript Functions, Working with Arrays, The String Object, Obtaining and Manipulating User Information                                                                  

Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn



Viewing outline for:

1. What is JavaScript
JavaScript vs jQuery
Setting up an environment to work in JavaScript
Chrome, Brackets, visual studio or Notepad++
All the places people put JavaScript

2. Syntax: The Grammar of JavaScript
Object-oriented programming and the dot syntax
Document Object Model: Nouns
Methods or Functions: Verbs
Properties: Adjectives

3. Variable Basics

4. Control Structures
Conditionals: If…then, Switch
Loops: For, While, Repeat

5. Creating JavaScript Functions
Basic functions
Functions with parameters
Functions that return values
Polymorphism (important for jQuery)

6. Accessing the DOM and Using jQuery
With JavaScript alone
With jQuery
What is jQuery?
How to install jQuery library to ease navigating DOM
Changing attributes dynamically: Directly, With subclasses
Simple Hide/Show
Animated Entries and exits
Sizer for responsive scaling

Disclaimer: All course objectives and outlines are used as a guideline and are subject to change to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.



Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications and files, as well as navigate to other folders. Also, the following ThinkB!G classes or working knowledge in all topics covered in these outlines:

• HTML and HTML5 with CSS Introduction
• HTML5 and CSS3 for Responsive Web Design Advanced

    Who Should Attend

  • Web Developers
  • Web Programmers
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
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