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Premiere Professional Advanced with AI

SS Course: 3000150

Course Overview


In this hands-on, two-day Adobe Premiere Pro Advanced editing training takes skills to the next level, leveraging AI-powered capabilities to streamline post-production. Through hands-on lessons, participants will master multi-cam editing, motion graphics, creative color grading, visual effects, and automated transcription. Attendees will practice with the latest AI-assisted Premiere tools, including simplified color matching, text-based editing, and auto reframing. Guided exercises provide practical experience controlling these automated editor assists. With supportive coaching, the training prepares students to implement timesaving collaboration and rendering workflows.


Scheduled Classes

06/05/24 - CTB - TB Virtual Instructor-Led - TB Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
07/10/24 - CTB - TB Virtual Instructor-Led - TB Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
08/07/24 - CTB - TB Virtual Instructor-Led - TB Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
09/05/24 - CTB - TB Virtual Instructor-Led - TB Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
10/09/24 - CTB - TB Virtual Instructor-Led - TB Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
11/06/24 - CTB - TB Virtual Instructor-Led - TB Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
12/11/24 - CTB - TB Virtual Instructor-Led - TB Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn


Designed to work the way editors think, Adobe Premiere offers a slew of new features and refinements that let you move through your projects efficiently and intuitively. Adobe Premiere Pro includes the Lumetri Deep Color Engine, so you can quickly correct color and exposure problems in footage, and apply .look files to your clips. And the Mercury Playback Engine allows you to make editing decisions at the same time that you make grading decisions, increasing efficiency and productivity. Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification is available for Premiere Pro. ThinkB!G offers all-inclusive ACA Training & Certification Packs that will give you everything you need to prepare and certify as an Adobe Certified Associate in Premiere Pro. Our Adobe certified curriculum aligns with certification.


Viewing outline for:

1. Advanced Video Editing Techniques
Multi-cam editing
Speed changes and time remapping
Nesting sequences
AI-powered text-based editing
Advanced trimming methods

2. Animating Video Properties
Working with Motion effects
Keyframing position, scale and rotation
Using effects like AI-powered Auto Reframe
Adding shadows and stylistic touches

3. Enhancing and Mixing Audio
Editing tools for working with audio waveforms
Mixing audio tracks and assets
Using AI-powered Essential Sound panel for fixes and tuning

4. Applying Visual Effects
Using built-in effects in Premiere
AI-powered effect recommendations
Animating effects with keyframes
Using Effect Presets for templates

5. Color Correction Workflows
AI-assisted color matching across shots
Correcting exposure, hue, and tone
Creative color grading for videos
Using Lumetri Scopes for accurate color

6. Creating Titles and Captions
Building titles from templates
Animating text properties
AI-generated captions and transcripts
Rendering graphics for delivery

Disclaimer: All course objectives and outlines are used as a guideline and are subject to change to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.



Students need to have completed our Premiere Pro Intro course or have working knowledge in all topics covered in the Introduction course outline. Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications and files, as well as navigate to other folders.

    Who Should Attend

    • Video Editors
    • Content Editors
    • Animators
    • Film and Video Professionals
    • Graphic Editors

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