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OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (NA-OCIBI)

SS Course: 2001041

Course Overview


In this course, you become familiar with some of the most important features of OnCommand® Insight for the day-to-day management, monitoring, and troubleshooting of data infrastructures.

This course concentrates on the reporting features of OnCommand Insight and the OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse. This course demonstrates how to use OnCommand Insight to perform operational reporting that aids in daily administrative tasks.

This course also demonstrates how to use IBM Cognos Analytics to perform business reporting. By learning how to create customized reports, you should come away with a basic understanding of how to extend Insight to meet other business reporting needs.


Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn

  • Describe general organizational-based reporting needs
  • Use queries, widgets, and dashboards to display day-to-day operational reporting information
  • Describe the OnCommand Insight data warehouse structure
  • Address business reporting requirements regarding chargeback, virtualization, and storage pool topics
  • Describe where to find data warehouse reference documentation and how to maintain a healthy data warehouse


Viewing outline for:

Module 1: Introduction to Reporting

  • OnCommand Insight (OCI) overview
  • Phased approach to reporting
  • Storage manager dashboard
  • OCI storage automation store

Module 2: Operational Reporting

  • Queries, widgets and dashboards
  • Custom dashboards
  • Adding dashboard widgets

Module 3: Data Warehouse

  • OCI data warehouse overview
  • Data warehouse database
  • Data models

Module 4: Business Reporting: Chargeback

  • Annotations, business entities and applications
  • IBM Cognos analytics – reporting

Module 5: Business Reporting: virtual Machine Performance

  • IBM Cognos analytics: controlling report contents
  • Including charts in a report
  • Including links

Module 6: Business Reporting: Storage Pool Capacity

  • Drill through capability
  • Styles
  • Conditional formatting
  • Report formatting

Module 7: Maintaining OnCommand Insight Reporting Capabilities

  • Reporting portal
  • Data warehouse admin portal
  • Data warehouse documentation
  • RESTful APIs


  • Accessing the data warehouse reporting portal
  • Importing a report from the storage automation store
  • Creating an application operation dashboard
  • Creating a virtual machine operation dashboard
  • Creating a storage capacity operations dashboard
  • Creating a report in IBM Cognos that is centered on application chargeback
  • Creating a report in IBM Cognos that is centered on virtual machine performance
  • Creating a report in IBM Cognos that is centered on storage use



OnCommand Insight: Fundamentals WBT is recommended.

    Who Should Attend

    • Customers
    • Infrastructure Engineer
    • NetApp Partners
    • Sales Engineers

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