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Business Analysis Essentials

SS Course: 2000552

Course Overview


This boot camp-style course will help you to gain the foundational skills to perform the role of a business analyst (BA) in both waterfall and agile environments.  This course is aligned to the requirements management and business analysis principles outlined by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and Project Management Institute (PMI).


Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn


You will learn how to plan business analysis activities; as well as the basics of eliciting, analyzing, modeling, and writing requirements. Learn how to verify and validate product requirements, gain approval, and manage the requirements through the life cycle of the project. Understand the BA role in the design, development, and testing phases of a project. Gain new perspectives through hands-on, interactive group activities led by subject matter experts. Enhance your experience through videos, discussions, and reflections. Get tools, templates, and samples to continue your learning and practice after class.


Viewing outline for:

1. Introduction to Business Analysis

  • What Is Business Analysis?
  • Role of the Business Analyst
  • Core BA Skills
  • BA Certifications

2. Project Definition and Planning

  • Pre-Project Activities
  • Vision and Scope Document
  • Stakeholders
  • Requirements
  • Business Analysis Plan

3. Requirements Elicitation

  • What Is Elicitation?
  • Elicitation Techniques
  • Selecting the Right Elicitation Technique

4. Requirements Analysis

  • What Is a Model?
  • Types of Models
  • Requirements Prioritization

5. Requirements Documentation and Management

  • Requirements and Design Documentation
  • Requirements Verification
  • Requirements Validation
  • Obtaining Approval of Requirements
  • Change Control
  • Reuse of Requirements
  • Requirements Communication

6. BA Involvement in Design and Development

  • Role of the BA in Design and Development
  • Requirements Implementation and Design Assessment

7. BA Involvement in Testing

  • Role of the BA in the Testing Phase
  • Test Plans
  • Test Cases
  • Acceptance Criteria in Agile
  • Solution Acceptance and Closeout

8. Recap and Self-Assessment


Hands-On Exercises

  1. Review the Vision and Scope Document
  2. Identify Stakeholders and Other Sources of Requirements
  3. Plan Business Analysis Activities
  4. Conduct an Interview
  5. Observe a Requirements Workshop
  6. Choose the Best Elicitation Technique
  7. Create a Swimlane Diagram
  8. Create a Use Case Diagram
  9. Analyze a Location Model
  10. Identify Missing Stakeholders Using an Organization Model
  11. Prioritize Requirements
  12. Critique Requirements
  13. Determine Impact of a Proposed Change
  14. Provide Input for Decision between Two Solutions
  15. Evaluate and Critique a Set of Test Cases




    Who Should Attend

    • Systems, business, and requirements analysts
    • Developers
    • Software engineers
    • IT project managers
    • Project managers who supervise business analysts and are responsible for business analysis activities, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, program managers, testers, and QA specialists

    Next Step Courses


    • Requirements Development, Documentation and Management
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Use Case Modeling
    • Project Management Fundamentals