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Zoom Meetings

SS Course: 1000188

Course Overview


With people transitioning to working remotely, virtual meetings have become the norm and, as a result, the Zoom video conferencing tool is gaining attention and usage. If Zoom has become part of your professional or personal life, this course will help you be a more confident and productive Zoom user. In this course, you will participate in and host Zoom meetings, use Zoom productivity tools such as breakout rooms and contacts, and apply Zoom security and personalization.


Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn


In this course, you will participate in and host Zoom meetings to collaborate with others. You will:

  • Use Zoom as a meeting participant.
  • Use Zoom to host meetings.
  • Customize Zoom settings.
  • Manage Zoom contacts.


Viewing outline for:

Lesson 1: Using Zoom as a Meeting Participant

  • Join a Zoom Meeting
  • Participate in a Zoom Meeting
  • Collaborate in a Meeting

Lesson 2: Using Zoom to Host Meetings

  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Host a Meeting
  • Use Breakout Rooms
  • Compare Meetings and Webinars

Lesson 3: Customizing Zoom

  • Customize Settings in the Zoom Web Portal
  • Customize Zoom Desktop Client Settings

Lesson 4: Managing Zoom Contacts

  • Add Zoom Contacts
  • Chat with Zoom Contacts



To ensure your success in this course you should have basic computer skills, which includes using the desktop to open applications and using a web browser. You can obtain these skills by taking the following Logical Operations course:

  • Using Microsoft® Windows® 10

    Who Should Attend


    This course is designed for business professionals in any functional role who need to participate in Zoom meetings and webinars, and who may also be called on to host Zoom events.

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