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Access Bits & Bytes: Queries

SS Course: 1000169

Course Overview


During this one-hour live webinar session, our top-rated instructor will demonstrate types of queries that will help students find and analyze data in their own databases. Students are encouraged to ask questions in the chat window at any time during the demonstration.

This is a demonstration style webinar and Q&A Session only, no software/files required.


Scheduled Classes

10/18/22 - VIR - Virtual Online Training - Virtual Instructor-Led

What You'll Learn


During this live demonstration you will learn to:

  • Add criteria
  • Calculate
  • Use Parameters


Viewing outline for:
  • Adding Criteria
    • Text criteria, wildcards
    • Numerical data, using arithmetic operands
    • Dates using between for ranges
  • Calculating
    • Creating text expressions, concatenating
    • Calculating with numerical fields
    • Summarizing calculations using the totals tool
  • Using Parameters
    • Creating parameters for criteria
    • Creating parameters with wildcards



    Who Should Attend


    Students looking for an introduction to queries. Students that have a need to make information out of data.

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