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Teams Introduction: Creating Teams, Channels & Tabs for Collaboration in Microsoft 365

SS Course: 1000040

Course Overview

Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Office 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective. It combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. Teams integrates with Office 365 productivity suite and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.                                                                  

Scheduled Classes

03/01/23 - HVA - Virtual Instructor-Led - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)
04/27/23 - HVA - Virtual Instructor-Led - Virtual Instructor-Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the interface of Microsoft Teams
  • Learn to setup and share a Team
  • How to collaborate effectively using chat, meetings, calls and files
  • Outline

    Viewing outline for:

    Overview of Microsoft Teams

    - Teams App

    - Teams

    - Channels and Tabs

    - Conversations

    - Calls and Meetings

    - Collaboration with Office 365 Apps

    - Teams Mobile

    - Assessing Microsoft Teams

    Converse and Share in Teams

    - Conversations in Teams

    - Post Creation

    - @mentions

    - Save Options

    - File Discovery and Sharing

    - Profile

    - Settings

    - Notifications

    - Activity Feed

    - Follow and Favorite

    - How to Converse and Share in Teams

    - Configuring Your Teams Profile

    - Conversing and Sharing in Teams

    Call and Meet in Teams

    - Calling in Teams

    - Meet Now

    - Meeting Scheduling

    - Call and Meeting Controls

    - Persistent Meeting History

    - Call and Meeting Management Tools

    - Working While Meeting

    - How to Call and Meet in Teams

    - Initiating a Call in Teams

    - Meeting in Teams

    - Scheduling a Meeting in Teams

    Collaborate with Office 365 Apps and Teams

    - Co-author Documents in Teams

    - Email Integration

    - Command Box

    - @mention and App Access from the Command Box

    - Search

    - How to Collaborate in Teams

    - Collaborating with Office 365 and Teams

    - Working with the Teams Command Box

    Configure Teams

    - Team Organization

    - Team Creation

    - Team Access

    - Team Configuration Defaults

    - Team Roles

    - Team Management

    - Team Settings

    - Connectors

    - How to Configure Teams

    - Creating and Configuring Teams

    Configure Channels

    - Channel Organization

    - Channel Workflow

    - Channel Creation

    - Channel Configuration and Sharing Options

    - How to Configure Channels

    - Creating and Configuring Channels

    Configure Tabs

    - Tabs

    - Default Channel Tabs

    - Default Private Conversation Tabs

    - Files as Tabs

    - Apps as Tabs

    - Websites as Tabs

    - Custom Tabs

    - How to Configure Tabs

    - Adding and Configuring Tabs


    Basic Windows and Microsoft Office skills are required. No prior Teams experience is necessary.

      Who Should Attend

      Those who are looking to work closely with others while sharing and collaborating on information and deliverables.

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