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Project Management Fundamentals with a Team Approach

SS Course: 3000566

Course Overview


This three-day course covers project management practices and processes which help organizations meet strategic goals more effectively and efficiently. We focus on hitting targets for scope, schedule, and quality while developing and implementing products and services.


Scheduled Classes

09/14/20 - PMV - Project Masters - Live Virtual

What You'll Learn


Participants will understand the following terms and definitions: project, program, portfolio, scope, schedule, and quality; understand the following project management skills: leadership and communication; understand the following project management frameworks: lifecycles, processes, documentation, tools, and techniques; and understand the following organizational structures: project management office, and project team.


Viewing outline for:

1.0 — Introduction

  • Seminar member introduction and overview of course material

2.0 — Project Management Overview

  • Define PM terminology
  • Define project charter
  • Define project stakeholders

3.0 — The Project Life Cycle

  • Define project life cycle from start to finish
  • Define the role of the project manager and project team
  • Group exercise on project life cycle

4.0 — Project Management Processes for a Project

  • Define project management processes for a project
  • Define the role of the project manager and project team
  • Group exercise on project management processes for a project

5.0 — Organizational Influences

  • Define organizational systems, cultures, styles, and structures
  • Define the role of the project manager and project team
  • Group exercise on organizational structure

6.0 — Project Charter

  • Define project charter and when it is used
  • Define who prepares the project charter
  • Project charter example
  • Project charter exercise

7.0 — Managing Project Stakeholder

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Define stakeholder register
  • Example of stakeholder register
  • Stakeholder exercise

8.0 — Communicating with the Project Stakeholder

  • Communicating with the project stakeholders
  • Example of newsletter communication plan
  • Guidelines for meetings
  • Communicating with the project stakeholder exercise

9.0 — Team Building

  • Translate responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
  • Discuss conflict resolution
  • Discuss ways to motivate team
  • Conflict and RAM exercise

10.0 — Collect Requirements

  • Collect requirements
  • Requirements relationships
  • Requirements exercise

11.0 — Define Scope Statement

  • Define scope
  • Scope statement to produce newsletter
  • Scope exercise

12.0 — Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Create WBS
  • Sample WBS — new home construction
  • Newsletter WBS example
  • WBS exercise

13.0 — Project Schedule

  • Project scheduling
  • Scheduling terminology
  • Approaches to scheduling
  • Scheduling techniques
  • Sample newsletter schedule
  • Twelve steps to entering and managing a project in MS Project
  • Project do’s and don’ts
  • Schedule exercise

14.0 — Defining the Project Cost and Earned Value Management

  • Estimating Cost
  • Earned Value Concepts
  • EV Exercise

15.0 — Risk Register

  • Identify risks
  • Perform Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Risk Exercise

16.0 — Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling Project

  • Baseline
  • Execution
  • Variance monitoring

17.0 — Project Close Out

  • Define project close out
  • Close out exercise



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