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CompTIA Linux+ Training

SS Course: 2001181

Course Overview


This five day Linux+ training course instructs professionals on the most current vendor-neutral skills and knowledge of the Linux Operating System.This course is intended to help IT, System and Network professionals begin or further their careers by teaching them to effectively install, configure and maintain a Linux workstation and work within the command line.

Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn

  • Learning the Linux Command Line
  • Software Management
  • Hardware Configuration
  • File Management
  • Booting Linux and File Editing
  • Configuration of X Window System, Localization and Printing
  • Linux System Administration
  • Network Configuration in Linux
  • Scripts, Email and Databases
  • Security in Linux Systems


Viewing outline for:

Linux Command Line

  • Introduction to the Linux system
  • Linux Tools

Software Management

  • RPM and Debian Package Management
  • Shared Libraries
  • Process Management

Hardware Configuration

  • BIOS
  • Expansion Cards
  • USB Devices
  • Hard Disks: Partitions and File Systems

File Management

  • Command Tools
  • Linux Directory Tree

Booting Linux and File Editing

  • LILO and GRUB
  • Boot Diagnostics
  • Run Levels
  • Vi Editor

Configuring X Window System, Localization and Printing  

  • Linux GUI subsystem and login
  • Accessibility, Location and Printing Features

Administering the Linux System

  • Administrative Tasks
  • User and Group Management
  • Log File Management
  • Running Future Jobs

Basic Network Configuration

  • TCP / IP Basics
  • Configuring Linux on the TCP/IP Network  
  • Diagnostics

Scripts, E-mail and Using the Databases 

  • Administrative Topics and Uses on Linux

Linux Security

  • Network Security
  • Local Security
  • Use of Encryption for Security Enhancement



Before attending this course, students should have:

  • At least six months of practical work experience with Linux systems
  • CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications or hold equivalent experience and knowledge

    Who Should Attend

    • Web Administrators
    • Linux Database Administrators
    • Networking Students
    • Junior Linux Administrators
    • Junior Network Administrators
    • Systems Administrators

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