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Access Part 4 VBA

Course description

Topics covered in course:


1.     Planning the application

2.     Using command buttons and editing VBA code

3.     Macros used to that automate an unbound form for running reports

4.     Querying using forms

a.     Command buttons

b.    Expression builder

c.     Unbound controls

5.     Creating Switchboards

6.     Creating Splash Screens

7.     VBA Code:

a.  Sub procedures

b. Calling sub procedures from forms

c.  Functions

d. Loops

e.  IF statements

8.     Inserting an Active X Control and automating with VBA

9.     Splitting a database

10.  Security discussion and adding passwords



Disclaimer: All course objectives and outlines are a guide for students. The course topics and order of presentation may be modified based upon the needs of each individual class.