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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

SS Course: 62760

Course Overview

This is a slightly shortened version of our regular Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure class that we periodically offer for free to our customer base. While this class does include hands-on labs, they are only available during the duration of class. Furthermore, these classes are run more webinar-style to accommodate a much larger audience. Students can chat with the instructor, but will not have the full two-way audio and video experience of our regular instructor-led classes.                                                                  

Scheduled Classes

10/17/23 - TDV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn

Identify the purpose and value of Google Cloud products and services
  • Interact with Google Cloud services
  • Describe ways in which customers have used Google Cloud
  • Choose among and use application deployment environments on Google Cloud: Google App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Google Compute Engine
  • Choose among and use Google Cloud storage options: Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Bigtable, and Google Cloud Datastore
  • Make basic use of BigQuery, Googles managed data warehouse for analytics
  • Make basic use of Cloud Deployment Manager, Googles tool for creating and managing cloud resources through templates
  • Make basic use of Google Stackdriver, Googles monitoring, logging, and diagnostics system
  • This course teaches participants the following skills:


Viewing outline for:
Explain the advantages of Google Cloud Platform.
  • Define the components of Google's network infrastructure, including: Points of presence, data centers, regions, and zones.
  • Understand the difference between Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
  • Identify the purpose of projects on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for Identity and Access Management.
  • List the methods of interacting with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Lab: Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Compute Engine.
  • Understand the various Google Cloud Platform networking and operational tools and services.
  • Lab: Compute Engine
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for: Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Bigtable, and Google Cloud Datastore.
  • Learn how to choose between the various storage options on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Lab: Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL
  • Define the concept of a container and identify uses for containers.
  • Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Kubernetes Engine and Kubernetes.
  • Lab: Kubernetes Engine
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google App Engine.
  • Contrast the App Engine Standard environment with the App Engine Flexible environment.
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google Cloud Endpoints.
  • Lab: App Engine
  • Understand options for software developers to host their source code.
  • Understand the purpose of template-based creation and management of resources.
  • Understand the purpose of integrated monitoring, alerting, and debugging.
  • Lab: Deployment Manager and Stackdriver
  • Understand the purpose of and use cases for the products and services in the Google Cloud big data and machine learning platforms.
  • Lab: BigQuery


Familiarity with the Linux command line, web servers, and text editors.

      Who Should Attend

      Individuals planning to deploy applications and create application environments on Google Cloud.
      • Developers, systems operations professionals, and solution architects getting started with Google Cloud.
      • Executives and business decision makers evaluating the potential of Google Cloud to address their business needs.
      • This class is intended for the following:

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