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Installing and Managing Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform for Private Cloud

SS Course: 61920

Course Overview

This course introduces you to the fundamentals and advanced practices used to install and manage Google Cloud's Apigee API Platform for private cloud.Through a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and supplemental materials, you will learn how to design, install, secure, manage, and scale the Apigee API Platform for Private Cloud.                                                                  

Scheduled Classes

12/07/22 - TDV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn

dentify the purpose and value of the Apigee API Platform.
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the Apigee API Platform for Private Cloud architecture and the recommended practices for topology design.
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the Apigee terminology and logical organizational structure.
  • Interact with the Apigee API Platform and solve scenarios by leveraging recommended practices.
  • Understand the capabilities and practices used to secure, manage and scale the platform.
  • Learn and practice the installation and upgrade of the Apigee API Platform for Private Cloud.


Viewing outline for:
Familiarize with Apigee product capabilities and its place in the enterprise architecture.
  • Gain understanding of Apigee technology stack.
  • Gain basic understanding to Apache Cassandra capabilities and how they are leveraged by Apigee platform.
  • Gain detail understanding of Apigee terminology and organizational structure.
  • Explore topology design options.
  • Discuss installation planning.
  • Understand installation dependencies.
  • Gain detail understanding of and practice installation process.
  • Discuss post installation tasks and recurrent activities recommended for the platform.
  • Discuss uninstall process, how it works and when to use it.
  • Discuss the role of Apigee Developer Portal.
  • Discuss recommended practices for hosting.
  • Discuss software distribution and installation process.
  • Discuss platform operations capabilities and recommended practices.
  • Discuss the role of Management API and how it is leveraged by platform and users of it.
  • Gain understanding of API deployment process.
  • Gain understanding of Apigee analytics.
  • Discuss infrastructure operations capabilities and recommended practices.
  • Discuss Apigee capabilities to secure API traffic.
  • Understand how to configure TLS critical path components and user facing interfaces.
  • Discuss upgrade planning recommended practices.
  • Discuss upgrade prerequisites and how to validate them.
  • Discuss and practice upgrade process.
  • Discuss rollback scenarios and rollback process.
  • Understand scenarios and recommended practices for capacity planning.
  • Understand how to scale up/down physical and logical capacity.
  • Understand how to add individual components, extend clusters and add new regions.
  • Discuss recommended practices for monitoring.
  • Understand how to monitor individual components.
  • Discuss the role of synthetic transactions monitoring.
  • Discuss recommended practices for API monitoring.
  • Discuss failure scenarios and troubleshooting practices.
  • Understand Apigee support model.


Familiarity with Linux command and command line interface
  • Basic understanding of networking.
  • Basic understanding of shell script, XML, JSON, HTTP, REST, and TLS

    Who Should Attend

    Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer and Operation Specialists.

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