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Logging, Monitoring, and Observability in Google Cloud

SS Course: 59854

Course Overview

This course teaches participants techniques for monitoring and improving infrastructure and application performance in Google Cloud.

Using a combination of presentations, demos, hands-on labs, and real-world case studies, attendees gain experience with full-stack monitoring, real-time log management and analysis, debugging code in production, tracing application performance bottlenecks, and profiling CPU and memory usage.                                                                  

Scheduled Classes


What You'll Learn

Explain the purpose and capabilities of Google Clouds operations suite.
  • Implement monitoring for multiple cloud projects.
  • Create alerting policies, uptime checks and alerts.
  • Install and manage Ops Agent to collect logs for Compute Engine.
  • Explain Cloud Operations for GKE.
  • Analyze VPC Flow Logs and firewall rules logs.
  • Analyze and export Cloud Audit Logs instances.
  • Profile and identify resource-intensive functions in an application.
  • Analyze resource utilization cost for monitoring related components within Google Cloud.


Viewing outline for:
Introduction to Google Cloud Operations Suite
  • Monitoring Critical Systems
  • Alerting Policies
  • Advanced Logging and Analysis
  • Working with Audit Logs
  • Configuring Google Cloud Services for Observability
  • Monitoring Google Cloud Network and Data Access
  • Investigating Application Performance Issues
  • Optimizing the Costs for Operations Suite


Have completed the Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure course or have equivalent experience.
  • Have basic scripting or coding familiarity.
  • Be proficient with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments.

    Who Should Attend

    Cloud architects, administrators, and SysOps personnel
    • Cloud developers and DevOps personnel
    • This class is intended for the following participants:

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