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Cloudera DataFlow: Flow Management with Apache NiFi

SS Course: 59769

Course Overview

One of the most critical functions of a data-driven enterprise is the ability to manage ingest and data flow across complex ecosystems. Does your team have the tools and skill sets to succeed at this?Apache NiFi provides this capability and our three-day Cloudera Dataflow: Flow Management with Apache Nifi course delivers the foundational training you'll need to succeed with NiFi. In addition to learning NiFi's key features and concepts, participants will gain hands-on experience creating, executing, managing, and optimizing NiFi dataflows throughout a variety of scenarios.                                                                  

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What You'll Learn

Navigate the NiFi user interface
  • Define, configure, organize, and manage dataflows
  • Transform and trace data as it flows to its destination
  • Track changes to dataflows with NiFi Registry
  • Use the NiFi Expression Language to control dataflows
  • Optimize dataflows for better performance and maintainability
  • Connect dataflows with other systems, such as Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, and HDFS
  • Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:


Viewing outline for:
Introduction to Cloudera Flow Management
  • NiFi Expression Language
  • Dataflow Optimization
  • NiFi Architecture
  • Site-to-Site Dataflows
  • Cloudera Edge Management and MiNiFi
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Controller Services
  • Integrating NiFi with the Cloudera Ecosystem
  • NiFi Security
  • Processors
  • Connections
  • Dataflows
  • Process Groups
  • FlowFile Provenance
  • Dataflow Templates
  • Apache NiFi Registry
  • FlowFile Attributes



      Who Should Attend

      This course is designed for developers, data engineers, administrators, and others with an interest in learning NiFi's innovative no-code, graphical approach to data ingest. Although programming experience is not required, basic experience with Linux is presumed, and previous exposure to big data concepts and applications is helpful.

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