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Security Engineering on AWS

SS Course: 44510

Course Overview

Security is a concern for both customers in the cloud, and those considering cloud adoption. An increase in cyberattacks and data leaks remains top of mind for most industry personnel. The Security Engineering on AWS course addresses these concerns by helping you better understand how to interact and build with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a secure way. In this course, you will learn about managing identities and roles, managing and provisioning accounts, and monitoring API activity for anomalies. You will also learn about how to protect data stored on AWS. The course explores how you can generate, collect, and monitor logs to help identify security incidents. Finally, you will review detecting and investigating security incidents with AWS services.                                                                  

Scheduled Classes

04/24/24 - TDV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)
05/08/24 - TDV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)
05/21/24 - TDV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)
06/12/24 - TDV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)
06/25/24 - TDV - Virtual-Instructor Led - Virtual-Instructor Led (click to enroll)

What You'll Learn

State an understanding of AWS cloud security based on the CIA triad.
  • Create and analyze authentication and authorizations with IAM.
  • Manage and provision accounts on AWS with appropriate AWS services.
  • Identify how to manage secrets using AWS services.
  • Monitor sensitive information and protect data via encryption and access controls.
  • Identify AWS services that address attacks from external sources.
  • Monitor, generate, and collect logs.
  • Identify indicators of security incidents.
  • Identify how to investigate threats and mitigate using AWS services.
  • This course teaches you how to:


Viewing outline for:
Module 1: Security Overview and Review
  • Module 2: Securing Entry Points on AWS
  • Module 3: Account Management and Provisioning on AWS
  • Module 4: Secrets Management on AWS
  • Module 5: Data Security
  • Module 6: Infrastructure Edge Protection
  • Module 7: Monitoring and Collecting Logs on AWS
  • Module 8: Responding to Threats


AWS Security Essentials (Classroom training) or
  • AWS Security Fundamentals (Second Edition) (digital) and
  • Architecting on AWS (Classroom Training)
  • Working knowledge of IT security practices and infrastructure concepts.
  • Familiarity with the AWS Cloud.
  • We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

    Who Should Attend

    Security engineers
    • Security architects
    • Cloud architects
    • Cloud operators working across all global segments.
    • This course is intended for:

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