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The Art of Empathy

SS Course: GK821685

Course Overview


Empathy is the ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts, feelings, and challenges of another person, animal, or fictional character. Practicing empathy profoundly influences the thinking and leadership styles. It creates an environment of trust and motivation, forges human connections, increases interpersonal relations, encourages collaboration, minimizes conflicts, and drives innovation.

In this Empathy workshop, you will learn:

  • Importance of empathy in the business world
  • Defining empathy and the different types of empathy
  • Understanding the differences between empathy and sympathy
  • Developing empathy to connect with people
  • Practicing empathy in difficult conversations
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs for better empathy
  • How to be an empathic leader
  • Reflection, journaling, and practicing empathy with self-care

Scheduled Classes

09/13/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led


  • Module 1: Understanding empathy and types of empathy
  • Module 2: Developing empathy and practicing empathic communication
  • Module 3: Exploring empathic leadership and psychological safety
  • Self-assessment and reflection exercises



      Who Should Attend


      This workshop is designed for professionals at all career levels.

      • Business professionals
      • Directors, managers, supervisors, leaders
      • Human resources managers, trainers, advisors
      • Non-profit executive directors, board members, employees
      • Organizational development experts
      • Production managers, operations supervisors, manufacturing managers
      • Project managers, project leaders, team leaders
      • Public sector employees
      • Sales and customer service managers
      • Small business owners, entrepreneurs