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Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Online (MS-220T00)

SS Course: GK821666

Course Overview


In this course, you ll troubleshoot many aspects of Microsoft Exchange Online, including mail flow, compliance, recipient problems, and cloud/on-premises hybrid configurations.


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Module 1: Troubleshoot problems with mail flow

  • Identify and troubleshoot message delivery issues.
  • Determine why Exchange Online is routing messages incorrectly.
  • Identify wrongly configured mail records in DNS.
  • Troubleshoot issues with SMTP mail transfer.

Module 2: Troubleshoot message filtering in inboxes and Microsoft Defender for Office 365

  • Diagnose problems caused by misconfigured or corrupted inbox rules.
  • Decide why message attachments are preventing message delivery.
  • Analyze why Exchange Online Protection has taken action on a message.
  • Identify poorly configured spam filter policies.

Module 3: Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues

  • Determine why eDiscovery doesn t return the items you intended.
  • Diagnose which in-place and eDiscovery holds apply to a specific item.
  • Delete and purge items throughout an Exchange Online organization.
  • Determine why items are not retained as intended.
  • Troubleshoot Messaging Records management.

Module 4: Troubleshoot encryption, auditing, and journaling

  • Find out why Exchange Online can t encrypt or decrypt messages as intended.
  • Ensure that sensitive actions on items and mailboxes create a secure audit log.
  • Discover why items are not reaching the Exchange Online journal.

Module 5: Troubleshoot desktop Outlook clients

  • Ensure Outlook clients can connect to Exchange Online.
  • Diagnose Outlook client authentication issues.
  • Resolve problems with calendaring, resource booking, and delegation.

Module 6: Troubleshoot issues with mobile devices

  • Resolve any issues that mobile devices have when connecting to Exchange Online.
  • Diagnose problems with ActiveSync devices.

Module 7: Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues

  • Diagnose problems that arise when provisioning recipients and other objects.
  • Resolve issues that affect mailboxes, distribution lists, and other recipients.
  • Ensure that address lists include all the intended recipients and only the intended recipients.
  • Fix common problems that affect your entire organization.
  • Ensure that users can access public folders without problems.

Module 8: Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues

  • Enable mail to flow between Exchange Online and Exchange Server recipients correctly.
  • Fix issues with free/busy information, public folders, and recipient synchronization in hybrid deployments.
  • Troubleshoot issues that arise during a migration.



    Before attending this course, students must have:

    • Experience with PowerShell and the Exchange PowerShell module.
    • Significant experience deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Exchange environments.

      Who Should Attend


      The audience for this course is current or aspiring support engineers who work with customers and other stakeholders to understand the details of any Microsoft Exchange Online issues. They also interact with administrators and peers that work with other related technologies to troubleshoot and resolve issues.