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Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty (MB-260T00)

SS Course: GK821501

Course Overview


Customer Data Platform specialists implement solutions that provide insight into customer profiles and that track engagement activities to help improve customer experiences and increase customer retention. In this course, students will learn about the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights solution, including how to unify customer data with prebuilt connectors, predict customer intent with rich segmentation, and maintain control of customer data. This course begins with importing and transforming your customer data and culminates with extending your customer data platform solution into the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 applications.


Scheduled Classes




Module 1 : Get started with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

  • Explore Customer Data Platform and learn why it matters to organizations.
  • Get started working with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, including accessing the application and navigating to the different capabilities.
  • Learn about the Customer Insights capability and how to get started working with it.

Module 2 : Ingest data into Customer Insights

  • Ingest data using Power Query.
  • Connect to a Common Data Model.
  • Connect to a Microsoft Dataverse.
  • Work with data sets.
  • Learn about data refreshes.
  • Export data.

Module 3 : Create a unified customer profile in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

  • Learn how to create an Customer Insights instance.
  • Learn how to ingest data.
  • Learn about data unification.

Module 4 : Work with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

  • Configure searching and filtering indexes.
  • Define relationships and activities.
  • Work with measures.
  • Use Customer Insights.

Module 5 : Enrich data and predictions with Customer Insights

  • Discover the enrichment and prediction options that are available in Customer Insights.
  • Configure brand and interest functions.
  • Enrich data with partner services.
  • Set up and configure a customer churn prediction model.
  • Add custom machine-learning models.



    Before attending this course, students must have:

    • Familiarity with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
    • Firsthand experience with one or more Dynamics 365 apps, Power Query, Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model, and Microsoft Power Platform

      Who Should Attend


      Candidates should be familiar with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and have firsthand experience with one or more additional Dynamics 365 apps, Power Query, Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model, and Microsoft Power Platform. They should also have working knowledge of practices related to privacy, compliance, consent, security, responsible AI, and data retention policy.