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Advanced Kubernetes Security (CN330)

SS Course: GK821376

Course Overview


Advanced Kubernetes Security course focuses on developing the skills and knowledge needed for implementing security measures from code to a production Kubernetes cluster. Students will engage in topics pertaining to adding security mechanisms along the code deployment pipeline and reviewing and remediating security concerns within a Kubernetes infrastructure.

Topics include declarative configuration analysis, container image scanning, CIS benchmark scanning and remediation, and identifying and mitigating attack vectors within Kubernetes. Kubernetes Operations and System Integration teams will benefit greatly as they work towards creating a security posture that aligns with security policies for their Kubernetes environments.


Scheduled Classes





    • Familiarity with the bash shell
    • Filesystem navigation and manipulation
    • Command line text editors like vim or nano
    • Common tooling like curl, wget and ping
    • CN220 Kubernetes Operations (or equivalent) experience or have earned the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification

      Who Should Attend


      This course is targeted at students with the following:

      • Motivations: Responsibility for implementing security mechanisms along the code deployment pipeline and within the Kubernetes environment; Running and reporting on security state of the Kubernetes environment
      • Roles: Infrastructure and Integration engineers tasked with implementing, running, and reporting on security posture of Kubernetes environment; Developers who are tasked with scanning and remediating security issues within application coding; IT professionals looking to expand their skills in Kubernetes security