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Security Operations (SecOps) Fundamentals

SS Course: GK821285

Course Overview


This two-day course covers the foundational topics of the ServiceNow Security Operation suite. The Security Operations Suite includes the Security Incident Response, Vulnerability Response, and Threat Intelligence applications. The Security Operations Suite provides the tools needed to manage the identification of threats and vulnerabilities within your organization as well as specific tools to assist in the management of Security Incidents.


Scheduled Classes

04/15/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
05/22/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
06/20/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led




Module 1: Security Operations Overview

  • 1.1 Current State of Security and Security Operations Maturity Levels
  • 1.2 Introducing ServiceNow Security Operations
  • 1.3 Essential Platform and Security Administration Concepts
  • Lab 1.3 Security Operations User Administration
  • 1.4 Security Operations Common Functionality
  • Lab 1.4.1 Security Operations Common Functionality
  • Lab 1.4.2 Email Parser

Module 2: Vulnerability Response

  • 2.1 Vulnerability Response Overview
  • Lab 2.1 Explore the Vulnerability Response Application
  • 2.2 Vulnerability Classification and Assignment
  • Lab 2.2 Explore Vulnerable Items and Vulnerability Groups
  • 2.3 Vulnerability Management
  • Lab 2.3 Vulnerability Groups (for Grouping Vulnerable Items)
  • 2.4 Configuration Compliance
  • Lab 2.4 Vulnerability Remediation


Module 3: Security Incident Response

  • 3.1 Security Incident Response Overview
  • 3.2 Security Incident Response Components and Configuration
  • Lab 3.2 Security Incident Response Configuration
  • 3.3 Baseline Security Incident Response Lifecycle
  • Lab 3.3 Creating Security Incidents
  • 3.4 Security Incident Response Workflow-Based Responses

Module 4: Threat Intelligence

  • 4.1 Threat Intelligence Definition
  • 4.2 Threat Intelligence Terminology
  • 4.3 Threat Intelligence Toolsets
  • Lab 4.3.1 Review and Update an Existing Attack Mode or Method
  • Lab 4.3.2 Working with Indicators of Compromise (IOC) Lookups
  • Lab 4.3.3 Automated Lookups in Security Incidents
  • 4.4 Trusted Security Circles

Module 5: Security Operations Integrations

  • 5.1 Work with Security Operations
  • Lab 5.1 Navigating Security Operations Integrations

Module 6: Data Visualization

  • 6.1 Understand Security Operations Monitoring and Reporting



    Students should have attended the ServiceNow Fundamentals course. In addition, students should be familiar with the ServiceNow user interface, know how to manage lists, and know how to configure users, roles, and groups.

      Who Should Attend


      This course is designed for Security Operations administrators, ServiceNow administrators, and consultants who need to configure and administer ServiceNow Security Management. Additional training in ServiceNow administration, scripting, integration, and development would be helpful.