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Security Incident Response (SIR) Implementation

SS Course: GK821284

Course Overview


This two-day course covers the domain knowledge, common implementation technical aspects, and various processes needed to effectively manage a Security Incident Response implementation (SIRI).

Attendees will learn and practice various tactical skills and strategies that will better prepare them to implement Security Incident Response (SIR). Through lectures, group discussion, hands-on labs and simulations, participants build on existing knowledge and skills by applying implementation best practices.


Scheduled Classes

06/13/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led



Module 1: Security Incident Response Overview: Identify the goals of Security Incident Response (SIR), Discuss the importance of understanding customers and their goals, and discuss how Security Incident Response meets customer expectations.

Module 2: Create Security Incidents: Determine how to create Security Incident Response incidents: Setup Assistant, Using the Service Catalog, Manual Creation, and Via Email Parsing.

Module 3: Security Incident and Threat Intelligence Integrations: Discuss different integration capabilities, Describe the Three Key Security Incident Response Integrations: Custom, Platform, Store & Share.

Module 4: Security Incident Response Management: Describe the Security Incident Response Management process and components: Assignment Options, Escalation Paths, Security Tags, Process Definitions and Selection.

Module 5: Risk Calculations Post Incident Response: Identify Calculators and Risk Scores, Be able to post Incident Reviews.

Module 6: Security Incident Automation: Discuss the Security Incident Response Automation processes available on the ServiceNow Platform: Workflows, Flow Designer, and Playbooks.

Module 7: Data Visualization: Explain the different Security Incident Response Dashboards and Reports available in the ServiceNow platform: Data Visualization, Dashboards and Reporting, Performance Analytics.

Module 8 Security Incident Response Family Release DELTA: Learn about the new, enhanced, and/or deprecated features of the current Security Incident Response family release.

Module 9 Capstone Project: There is a final take-home Capstone project where participants provision a Developer instance and complete directed tasks to reinforce the concepts learned in class.



      Who Should Attend


      This course is suitable for anyone who will be working on a ServiceNow implementation of the Security Incident Response applications. Examples, include:

      • Technical Consultants and Administrators who will be configuring, developing or supporting the Security Incident Response applications
      • Project/Program/Engagement Managers who will be leading implementation of Security Incident Response applications in ServiceNow
      • Operations Managers who have oversight of work which will be facilitated using Security Incident Response applications in ServiceNow