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Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) Fundamentals

SS Course: GK821281

Course Overview


Strategic Portfolio Management is the process an organization uses to select, prioritize, and manage resources within its portfolio of programs, projects, and initiatives used to meet strategic goals and objectives.

In this on-demand course, you will be introduced to the Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) applications and learn how SPM encompasses a range of business capabilities, processes, and technological support aimed at enabling organizations to implement the three key attributes that help to see superior business results from their digital and technology-related investments: portfolio alignment, value-oriented decision-making, and continuous portfolio adaptability.

Topics include:

  • Innovation Management
  • Demand Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Program Management
  • Portfolio Planning Workspace

This course reflects the Vancouver release of the Now Platform .


Scheduled Classes




Welcome to Strategic Portfolio Management

  • Request participant guide and a lab instance
  • Instance Help

Introduction to SPM

  • Strategic Portfolio Management overview
  • Navigation overview (demo)
  • SPM Architecture
  • Knowledge check

Innovation and Demand Management

  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation Management (demo)
  • Demand initiation and creation
  • Demand Management creation (demo)
  • Lab 2.1 - Submit an idea and a demand
  • Lab 2.1 guided demonstration of steps
  • Demand assessment
  • Demand assessment and approval (demo)
  • Lab 2.2 - Screen a demand and create a project from a demand
  • Lab 2.2 guided demonstration of steps
  • Knowledge check
  • Project Management
  • Project initiation
  • Project creation from a demand (demo)
  • Project Planning
  • Lab 3.1 - Create a new project and project tasks
  • Lab 3.1 guided demonstration of steps
  • Additional project setup options
  • Lab 3.2 - Additional project creation options
  • Lab 3.2 guided demonstration of steps
  • Introduction to Project Workspace and Planning Console
  • Project task Planning in Project Workspace (demo)
  • Introduction to Project Workbench
  • Lab 3.3 - Create project tasks in Planning console
  • Lab 3.3 guided demonstration of steps
  • Manage project activities
  • Close a project
  • Project Execution and closure (demo)
  • Lab 3.4 - Manage project activities
  • Lab 3.4 guided demonstration of steps
  • Knowledge check

Resource Management

  • Resource Management overview
  • Resource plans
  • Lab 4.1 - Request Resources & Confirm and Allocate Resources
  • Lab 4.1 guided demonstration of steps
  • Resource Workbench
  • Resource costs
  • Resource Management in Project Workspace
  • New Resource Management (demo)
  • Knowledge check

Portfolio Management

  • Project Planning Workspace (PPW) Overview
  • Create a portfolio plan and prioritize (demo)
  • Manage Portfolio Plans
  • Manage portfolio roadmaps (demo)
  • Portfolio capacity and financial planning
  • Capacity Planning, the Lists module, and Portfolio Planning Diagnostics (demo)
  • Lab 5.1 - Create and update a portfolio plan
  • Lab 5.1 guided demonstration of steps
  • Knowledge check

Summary and Recap

  • Plan, Build, Run SPM
  • SPMF: PRB knowledge check



      Who Should Attend


      The ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) Fundamentals course is for Customers, Partners, and Employees who utilize features, functions, and data associated with Project Portfolio Management. An attendee is a good fit for this course if they perform or advise on any of the following roles or job responsibilities:

      • Demand/Project/Resource/Program/Portfolio Manager or Process Owner
      • Demand/Project/Resource/Program/Portfolio User