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Performance Analytics (PA) Advanced

SS Course: GK821280

Course Overview


Performance Analytics enables the monitoring, trending, and proactive improvement of business services using key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics viewed in role-based dashboards.

This 2-day training builds upon the knowledge obtained in the Performance Analytics Fundamentals course. Here you continue to build a solid analytics data foundation, model key business process indicators, and design compelling dashboards to help drive service delivery quality and efficiency.


Scheduled Classes

07/11/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
07/25/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
08/07/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
08/22/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
09/12/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
09/26/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led



Module 1: Adoption Journey

Objectives: Review the Performance Analytics use case and stakeholder objectives. Identify the three pillars of Performance Analytics: Responsive Business, Service Improvement, and Data Foundation.

Lab work:

  • Lab 1.1: Analytics for Business Applications

Module 2: Buckets and Scripts

Objectives: Introduce the concept of bucket groups and the process for configuring a bucket group as a breakdown source. Discuss scripts and configure a scripted breakdown mappings. Outline best practices for breakdown data growth management.

Lab work:

  • Lab 2.1: Bucket Groups
  • Lab 2.2: Scripted Breakdown

Module 3: Breakdown Relations and Security

Objectives: Implement advanced use cases for Breakdown categorization and navigation. Configure Indicator, Breakdown, and Breakdown Element-level security options.

Lab work:

  • Lab 3.1: Breakdown Relations
  • Lab 3.2: Breakdown Security

Module 4: Reporting Techniques

Objectives: Build a Database View, include multi datasets in a report, configure drill-downs, add a Redirect URL, leverage an imported Excel document as a report source, and build Report Ranges

Lab work:

  • Lab 4.1: Database View
  • Lab 4.2: Multi Data Sets
  • Lab 4.3: Data Sources
  • Lab 4.4: Report Ranges

Module 5: Responsive Dashboards

Objectives: Use Interactive Analysis, Configure Interactive Filters, Implement Cascading Filters, Enable Breakdown Dashboards, Use Breakdowns as Interactive Filters, Manage Dashboard Performance and Properties

Lab work:

  • Lab 5.1: Interactive Dashboards
  • Optional Lab 5.2: Interactive Analysis

Module 6: Spotlight

Objectives: Identify key Spotlight capabilities, configure Spotlight Criteria, implement Spotlight reporting, set up Spotlight for Service Monitoring, navigate Spotlight Interactive Analysis

Lab work:

  • Lab 6.1: Configure Spotlight for Incident Management

Module 7: Analytics on Platform Metric

Objectives: Define Metric Definitions and Metric Instances, review the Metric Instance generation, configure Metric Instance Reporting, build Metric-based Automated Indicators

Lab work:

  • Lab 7.1: Metric Reporting and Trending

Module 8: Advanced Formula Indicators

Objectives: Identify advanced formula use cases, master Formula Indicator techniques and design Index Indicators

Lab work:

  • Lab 8.1: Index Indicators

Module 9: Text Analytics

Objectives: Describe the Text Analytics use case. Configure Text Analytics for Performance Analytics Indicators.

Lab work:

  • Lab 9.1: Text Analytics



      Who Should Attend


      This course is designed for experienced Performance Analytics Administrators and Power Users who already administer and build content for the Reports and Performance Analytics applications.