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Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900T00)

SS Course: GK100836

Course Overview


The course is not designed to teach students to become professional data scientists or software developers, but rather to build awareness of common AI workloads and the ability to identify Azure services to support them. The course is designed as a blended learning experience that combines instructor-led training with online materials on the Microsoft Learn platform (https://azure.com/learn). The hands-on exercises in the course are based on Learn modules, and students are encouraged to use the content on Learn as reference materials to reinforce what they learn in the class and to explore topics in more depth.


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Scheduled Classes

05/24/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
07/26/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
09/27/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led
11/25/24 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led



Module 1 : Fundamental AI Concepts

  • In this module, you'll learn about the kinds of solutions AI can make possible and considerations for responsible AI practices.

Module 2 : Fundamentals of machine learning

  • Describe core concepts of machine learning
  • Identify different types of machine learning
  • Describe considerations for training and evaluating machine learning models
  • Describe core concepts of deep learning
  • Use automated machine learning in Azure Machine Learning service

Module 3 : Fundamentals of Azure AI services

  • Understand applications Azure AI services can be used to build
  • Understand how to access Azure AI services in the Azure portal
  • Understand how to use Azure AI services keys and endpoint for authentication
  • Create and use an Azure AI services resource in a Content Safety Studio setting

Module 4 : Fundamentals of Computer Vision

  • Learn how to use the Azure AI Vision service to analyze images.

Module 5 : Fundamentals of Facial Recognition

  • Learn how to use Azure AI Face service to detect and analyze faces in images.

Module 6 : Fundamentals of optical character recognition

  • Learn how to read text in images with Azure AI Vision.

Module 7 : Fundamentals of Text Analysis with the Language Service

  • Learn how to use Azure AI Language for text analysis

Module 8 : Fundamentals of question answering with the Language Service

  • After completing this module, you'll be able to understand how to use Azure AI Language and Azure AI Bot Service to create a bot.

Module 9 : Fundamentals of conversational language understanding

  • Learn what conversational language understanding is.
  • Learn about key features, such as intents and utterances.
  • Build and publish a natural-language machine-learning model.

Module 10 : Fundamentals of Azure AI Speech

  • Learn about speech recognition and synthesis
  • Learn how to use Azure AI Speech

Module 11 : Fundamentals of Azure AI Document Intelligence

  • Learn how to use the prebuilt receipt processing capabilities of Azure AI Document Intelligence.

Module 12 : Fundamentals of Knowledge Mining and Azure AI Search

  • Explore Azure AI Search
  • Create an Azure AI Search index
  • Import data to the index
  • Query the Azure AI Search index

Module 13 : Fundamentals of Generative AI

  • Understand generative AI's place in the development of artificial intelligence
  • Understand large language models and their role in intelligent applications
  • Describe how Azure OpenAI supports intelligent application creation
  • Describe examples of copilots and good prompts

Module 14 : Fundamentals of Azure OpenAI Service

  • Describe Azure OpenAI workloads and access the Azure OpenAI Service
  • Understand generative AI models
  • Understand Azure OpenAI's language, code, and image capabilities
  • Understand Azure OpenAI's responsible AI practices and limited access policies

Module 15 : Fundamentals of Responsible Generative AI

  • Describe an overall process for responsible generative AI solution development
  • Identify and prioritize potential harms relevant to a generative AI solution
  • Measure the presence of harms in a generative AI solution
  • Mitigate harms in a generative AI solution
  • Prepare to deploy and operate a generative AI solution responsibly



    Prerequisite certification is not required before taking this course. Successful Azure AI Fundamental students start with some basic awareness of computing and internet concepts, and an interest in using Azure AI services.


    • Experience using computers and the internet.
    • Interest in use cases for AI applications and machine learning models.
    • A willingness to learn through hands-on exploration.

      Who Should Attend


      The Azure AI Fundamentals course is designed for anyone interested in learning about the types of solution artificial intelligence (AI) makes possible, and the services on Microsoft Azure that you can use to create them. You don t need to have any experience of using Microsoft Azure before taking this course, but a basic level of familiarity with computer technology and the Internet is assumed. Some of the concepts covered in the course require a basic understanding of mathematics, such as the ability to interpret charts. The course includes hands-on activities that involve working with data and running code, so a knowledge of fundamental programming principles will be helpful.