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Application Centric Infrastructure Administration, Operations and Troubleshooting

SS Course: GK100481

Course Overview


Some of the characteristic challenges that you may experience with a classic data center include time-consuming application deployment, error-prone switch-by-switch configuration, and problematic application performance monitoring. Application Centric Infrastructure Application Centric Infrastructure helps resolve these typical data center issues by significantly reducing customer application deployment time and improving IT alignment with business objectives and policy requirements.

In this course, you will practice developing essential skills for administrating and troubleshooting a Application Centric Infrastructure Fabric. You will discover how data center components corresponding to Application Centric Infrastructure Fabric components, and you will gain a deeper knowledge of the operation of a Tenants, EPGs, Bridge

Domains, VRFs, AEPs, and many other features of Application Centric Infrastructure through the process of configuring and administrating an Application Centric Infrastructure Fabric. Hands-on labs will guide you through steps to set up switches, group devices by application, apply policies at an application level, and give application level visibility for troubleshooting.

You will use best-practice Application Centric Infrastructure troubleshooting tools, such as Visore, API Inspector, Troubleshooting Wizard, Faults/Events/Audit Logs and various CLI commands in line with the OSI model, an established troubleshooting methodology, all to identify problems that impact fabric-wide connectivity. You will use the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller CLI and GUI to expose misconfigurations that trigger fault messages and practice applying GUI and CLI tools to resolve various troubleshooting scenarios.

By the end of this class, you will have a strong fundamental understanding to enable you to administer, configure and troubleshoot Application Centric Infrastructure in your production environment.


Scheduled Classes

11/13/23 - GVT - Virtual Classroom - Virtual Instructor-Led


  • Module1: Why use Application Centric Infrastructure?
    • Lesson 1: What is it?
    • Lesson 2: The Application Policy Infrastructure Controller GUI
  • Module 2: Discover the Application Centric Infrastructure fabric
    • Lesson 1: Discover Application Centric Infrastructure fabric switches
  • Module 3: Configure a basic Application Centric Infrastructure fabric
    • Lesson 1: Create fabric Access Policies
    • Lesson 2: Create Tenants
    • Lesson 3: Create an Application Profile and EPGs
    • Lesson 4: Associate EPGs with VMM domains
    • Lesson 5: Configure Contracts
    • Lesson 6: Create an external L3 policy using OSPF
  • Module 4: Application Centric Infrastructure Troubleshooting Tools
    • Lesson 1: Troubleshooting approach
    • Lesson 2: Use Visore to query MOs
    • Lesson 3: Use GUI and CLI troubleshooting tools
  • Module 5: Verify Application Centric Infrastructure Connectivity
    • Lesson 1: Using the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller GUI to verify the Physical and Data Link layer
    • Lesson 2: Using the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller CLI to verify the Physical and Data Link layer
  • Module 6: Verify and track connectivity of fabric end points
    • Lesson 1: Using the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller GUI to verify and track connectivity
    • Lesson 2: Using the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller CLI to verify and track connectivity
  • Module 7: Troubleshoot Application Centric Infrastructure Labs
    • Lesson 1: Troubleshoot L3 OUT, Routing connectivity
    • Lesson 2: Troubleshoot Contracts
    • Lesson 3: Review and Document Faults



    No required prerequisite courses. Ideally basic understanding of routing and switching as well as a fundamental understanding of server virtualization with virtual machines.

      Who Should Attend

      • Team leads
      • Administrators in a technical role
      • Field engineers
      • Support engineers
      • Server administrators
      • Network administrators
      • Storage administrators
      • Network Operators
      • Technical Managers
      • Security engineers